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Countdown to Baby

March 6, 2016

As we look ahead to the next month, there is a lot to line up and get ready, considering another person will be joining our family!

10 days from today we plan to fly to Vanga, where baby will be born with Dr. Shannon Potter taking charge of that process.  We are all very excited to meet this little one, having finally picked out names (but not saying), and are still accepting guesses for what gender this one might be.

We also have different plans in place in case baby decides to do their own thing, like having a birth kit here at the house and having some doctors in town who are on stand by and know us and why we might call them in the middle of the night.

But, we hope things go well and that baby is born just after 37.5 weeks.  Levi was born during the 37th week, Amelia during the 38th, while Axel took his time, showing up on his due date.  The fun part is that Shannon will be leaving the country the day after my due date, but none of us are too worried that this baby will delay that long.

I have reached the point of discomfort.  Standing is tiring, as baby is rather huge and all out front.  Sitting is no longer fun, since baby is now so low that the only comfortable position is what we call “criss-cross applesauce” and that isn’t always practical.  Laying down is fine, but how often is that really an option, not to mention getting up and down is probably akin to running a marathon.  I’ve never run a marathon, but I imagine it is similar in level of energy output and resulting exhaustion.  Either way, I’m not complaining too much, but I am certainly ready to be done being pregnant!

At least with baby dropping, I can breathe better and eat as much as I’m hungry for, though bathroom trips are definitely more frequent.  And this baby is very active, so we look forward to seeing how that plays into his/her personality.

We appreciate your prayers as we enter this home stretch.  We have a few projects to get done around the house before we leave, but nothing too critical.

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  1. Elsie Worthen permalink
    March 9, 2016 0829

    I feel it is time for another girl, Emily.

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