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Six Months In…

January 17, 2016

I haven’t written yet this year because we’ve been so busy moving.  Well, we’ve been so busy waiting to move.  I mean, there’s nothing like the thrill of deciding on a move date, then changing it last minute…twice!

The first time was last Saturday, but about half way through the week we decided to delay, since it looked like some of the remodeling wouldn’t be finished.  The last time was this Saturday and there had been a big push to finish the projects, even lasting until Friday night.  It included Matthew being there for most of Thursday and Friday to help, though he was working on some personal things.  You know, normal moving agenda items – generator, battery back-up, 12v water pump so the house has actual water pressure.  Well, normal for here, at least.

Saturday morning, Matthew went to check on the last details as I waited at the house preparing for our friends to show up to help.  And he called me, “cancel people and I’ll give you details later, but we’re not moving right now.”

Turns out, as he got there with cleaning supplies to start mopping, they had decided to put down a last layer of grout.  Right then.  And as he pointed out a spot on the ceiling that needed a bit of touch-up paint, they informed him that the painters were on their way because they were going to do a second coat on the ceiling and the walls.  Surprise!

So, here we are on Monday morning…not moved.  But, still excited about the new house and how it is turning out.  There hasn’t been much rain, so the damage to our current house has remained stable since the holidays.

We do plan to move this week, but we won’t pick a day until, probably, the night before and after we’ve certainly seen that things are done.  But, we really can’t complain about having a house where everything in the interior is brand new, now can we?  Especially here!  We’re spoiled by it!

In other news, last week marked six months since we arrived in Kinshasa.  I can hardly believe half a year has gone by already!  And next month marks a year and a half since we left US soil.  So strange!  We mostly think of the long absence in terms of the food we’re missing.  This week it was hot wings and cheap delivery pizza (thinking of the moving process, of course).  And friends and family…but mostly, food.

Lastly, a side note to say that my dear friend and OB doc, Shannon, gave birth to an adorable little boy last week, in the same hospital where Lind Baby #4 will be born.  The birth was great and everything went well (since she couldn’t exactly deliver her own baby, a friend and OB, who also delivered her daughter, flew in from the US to attend the birth).  This was the first American baby born at that hospital in 18 years!  And that almost-18-year-old is currently a lovely young lady who lives here in the city with her parents, who are our teammates with MAF.  So, we are rejoicing with our friends as they get to know their son and now we get to be next on the list of Americans to deliver at the hospital in the jungle.  11 weeks to go, two months until we head out to Vanga to wait.

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