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Uncertainty vs. Difficulty

October 20, 2015

Our very wise friends, Ryan and Shannon Potter, shared this wise bit of wisdom with us – that uncertainty is always worse than difficulty.  The goal is to get through uncertainty, so you can begin to cope with the difficulty.  This week we experienced this truth.

About a week ago I realized I hadn’t felt the baby move.  At almost 16 weeks along, I thought this was a bit unusual, especially since I remember feeling the others move between 13 and 14 weeks.  I sent Shannon, my OB and close friend, serving in Vanga, a text asking what she thought.  She said it didn’t necessarily mean anything, but just to be sure, she would send her Doppler out with the next flight back to Kinshasa so I can try and check for a heartbeat.

I waited all weekend for Monday’s flight, which happened to include Matthew traveling to Vanga to work on some of the MAF-owned systems there for a few days.  Monday night the awesome pilot, Kevin, dropped off the Doppler.  I found a quiet moment away from the kids and tried, to no avail.  No worries, I had no idea what I was doing, so not finding anything doesn’t mean anything at all.

Kevin and his wife, Tasha, who had more experience than I did, came over later that evening to help me try to find the heartbeat, but we couldn’t.  This didn’t mean anything, but it was worrisome.  Shannon said she wanted to do an ultrasound so we had more concrete answers – the ultrasound would be the best way to do it.  While there are ultrasound services here in Kinshasa, Shannon is my primary OB and one of my closest friends.  And since Matthew was also there in Vanga at the moment, guarding ourselves for the worst news, I would prefer both he and Shannon were there.  There was also a flight already heading to Vanga the next day (today) and there was space for one more.

Tasha selflessly offered to take my kids for the day and Kevin would be the pilot.  We arranged the details and this morning I took off for Vanga.


We made a stop in Kikongo, a lovely village where I have visited on two trips during our previous time here in 2012.  I was happy to see the missionary couple there and even visit our rabbits, who had relocated there when we left two years ago!  We picked up Mark and Kelly, the MAF couple in town doing photography and videos of the work of MAF and we crammed into a tiny Cessna 182 and headed to Vanga.

After arrival, Matthew met us at the plane and we immediately met Shannon at the hospital and began the ultrasound.  Shannon struggled to find the baby in a still-enough position to get a heart beat, so it was no wonder I was unable to do it myself!  But, we got not only a normal heartbeat, but also good measurements and looks at the essential organs to know that baby is doing well.  (We prefer to find out gender at birth, plus it was a bit early.)  Baby moved almost constantly, but I never felt a thing!

Photo by Dr. Tim Rice

Photo by Dr. Tim Rice

We moved from uncertainty to…well, not to difficulty, not in this case, but just joy.  Things were all right!  And because the exam looked good, we are able to postpone the previously scheduled visit a bit longer, saving a plane trip.  We enjoyed a lunch with the Potters before boarding the plane and heading home, eleven hours gone in total!

I am so grateful for a team here that makes sure we are taken care of and excellent doctors within a short flight who are also like family.  Thank you for praying for us and for this little one.

It's blurry, but you get the idea: it's a baby!

It’s blurry, but you get the idea: it’s a baby!

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  1. Jenny permalink
    October 20, 2015 0829

    Such wonderful news!!! So thankful you have such an awesome doctor to take care of you and baby Lind!!❤️

  2. Kathi permalink
    October 20, 2015 0829

    So thankful for your good news!

  3. Dawn Ham permalink
    October 20, 2015 0829

    Fabulous news!!! God is providing for you in all the details, just as He promises!!!

  4. ricetd permalink
    October 21, 2015 0829

    Glad to play the photographer for this.

  5. October 21, 2015 0829

    WOW…must have been a thought provoking process. I am glad you are now at ease. Hope everything else is right as rain!


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