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Lisa the Quitter

September 30, 2015

Remember a month ago when I posted about my monthly shopping run with all three kids and how I didn’t want to do it again?  Today marks four weeks and we were mostly out of food, so it was time to brave the stores again…

Except I couldn’t do it.  It was really awful last time, and I tried to do a mid-month run to the store closest to my house for six things.  Six. Things.  And guess what, five minutes in I had a child SCREAMING under my arm and two others clueless.

That evening I told Matthew, I think I need to hire a nanny for the sole purpose of grocery shopping.

You can call me a quitter, or a wimp.  I’m okay with that…because for my sanity, and my childrens’ sanities, we really needed this.

I don’t really want a nanny in a true sense – I don’t really need help with the kids at home.  I have lots of help around the house, which frees me up to cook from scratch, home school, play with the kids, and take naps (because: pregnant).  But once or twice a month, I need to go out…and I need to not take the children with me.  I love them…I love them enough not to want to strangle them while I buy their food.  You see what I mean?

So, I prayed about it – a lot – because that’s really the only thing to do when you feel like you’re quitting on a great learning/growing opportunity and giving in to what seems easiest.

But, in truth, a woman that I’ve admired since our last time living here came up to me after church one Sunday a few months ago and asked if I had any work.  I told her I did not, but to call me in a month.  To her credit, she waited a month.  She waited until the day I told Matthew I think I need to hire a nanny and she called me.  Coincidental timing, or an answer to prayer?

So, I told her I did need someone, but not very much – a very little bit of work, but it was better than nothing if she still needed it.  I asked if she could come two days later to talk about the job.

The morning she was to come, I was still feeling doubtful about offering her just two days a month.  Barely worth the effort, but I didn’t need any more than that.  I was up early and checking my messages when another MAF wife asked the most incredulous question, completely out of the blue: She remembered that I might eventually hire a nanny part time and if I was still looking into that, could she also hire that person the rest of the time?

I immediately messaged her back that I was interviewing someone in an hour!  She was able to join me for the interview and it went pretty well.  She was great with the kids and seemed to be well aware of the needs of keeping a house and kids in top shape.  She is also very matter of fact and didn’t like how little we wanted to pay (the going missionary rate, but she has worked for diplomats in the past) but she also noted that some work was better than none.

Today was her first day here and I would say it went very well – the kids were happy and pleasant all day, and said they enjoyed their morning with her.

But this really wasn’t about them, was it?  No, it meant I did a month’s worth of shopping at three stores in four hours and it was peaceful and pleasant and I got everything on my list because I was able to read labels and search without distraction.  And it was awesome.  And I look forward to it next time.  And I am excited to see God’s timing work out so well in this – praying that this lady will be the one called to be part of our families, even in this small way.

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  1. Leslie Foster permalink
    September 30, 2015 0829

    Awesome! Not that you need it, but you have my 100%, uninhibited, thoroughly enthusiastic support of hiring a grocery-run-nanny. Choosing one’s battles is good.

  2. Elsie Worthen permalink
    October 4, 2015 0829

    You did WELL!!! (Y) ❤

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