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August 21, 2015

Hopefully for many of you by now, you’ve received our latest prayer letter and had a chance to read through it.  On the second page we’ve shared a need that I want to emphasize here, because it’s a really big deal.

Living in this city, a vehicle is absolutely necessary.  There really isn’t a way around it.  Right now we are making do with borrowing company vehicles, but they are not guaranteed when we need them, of course, and I’m limited in my ventures.

For us, we really feel drawn to hospitality and sharing Congo with people.  Whether that means sharing a ride to and from church, going as a group to the local market or a restaurant, or just being able to haul a lot of stuff because sometimes it’s necessary – one would need a large vehicle.  So, we aren’t going to let our small thoughts of “oh-that’s-good-enough” get in the way of our very big God.  So we dream big because we know we can be confident that God will provide what He knows we need.  We we are hoping for a vehicle big enough to accommodate all of our ministry opportunities and tough enough for Kinshasa’s streets.

Traffic jams...ain't nobody got time for that.

Traffic jams…ain’t nobody got time for that.

Our “dream” vehicle is a Toyota Land Cruiser, not unlike the one in the photo.  The back has flip-down benches, perfect for hauling lots of people, but the cab is big enough for the family and a few more.  It will hold supplies and equipment if we need, and it is tough enough to handle roads in the city and on the outskirts.  Plus, being a common vehicle here, the parts are usually easy to find if something needs fixed.

Unfortunately, vehicles here are not different than anything else – the cost is often double what it would be in the US.  Thus, we are looking to our support team to help us with this awesome ministry tool.  We will need just over $15,000 to make this a reality.  Please be praying how you, your small group, church, or Bible study group can help make this possible.  Go HERE to donate online.  Thank you!!

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