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A Personal Call for Prayers

August 3, 2015

Friday I received some devistating news.  My cousin, a few years younger than me, has an aggressive, advanced cancer for which there is no cure.  She has an awesome husband and an adorable 11 month old.  She also has been essential in taking care of our grandmother with dementia and has a fan-following at her senior home.  During the school year, she is a high school math teacher.  My cousin is so sweet and hilarious and the news has been like a punch to the gut, but with a lot more tears.

I think every overseas missionary will agree that being away from family is the hardest thing about this life.  Missing weddings (I missed hers during our first term), births and even funerals is hard, but not being there to hold hands and hug and cry when it feels like that is the only thing that is right seems the hardest of all.

And, so, I am doing the only thing I can from the other hemisphere: praying.  Please join us in prayer for my cousin, her husband, her son, her parents, her sister, and her extended family.  She has a biopsy today to get more information and a plan of action.  She is confident of God’s plan for her life, and we are praying for peace and, yes, a miracle.  God’s got this, Allison!  We love you!

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  1. ricetd permalink
    August 3, 2015 0829

    God has you as well as you grapple with this difficult news. We are praying. The Rices

  2. Leslie Foster permalink
    August 3, 2015 0829

    Lisa, I’m so sorry to hear about this hard news. I missed two family funerals because of distance, so I have a little taste of what you’re facing. I will pray.

  3. Jenny permalink
    August 3, 2015 0829

    Praying for a miracle with you. Jesus, lay your healing hands upon Allison and baffle her doctors with the miracle you will perform. Please give her medical team wisdom as they develop a course of action and cover her family in your perfect peace during this time. In your Mighty name we ask these things, amen.

  4. Kathi permalink
    August 4, 2015 0829

    Praying with you.

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