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Day 2

July 16, 2015

Today was another full day out for me.  Pepe came and we left around 10am, except Axel came along as my travel buddy.  He has an unordinary need for his Daddy to hold him all. the. time. right now, so Matthew finds it hard to work one-handed.  However, Axel did GREAT, he loved the car ride and the very bumpy roads.  He did pretty well in the stores we went to, where I was able to buy things essential to daily life.

By the time we got to store three, he was fast asleep, but Pepe hung out in the car with him until he woke up and brought him in where I was shopping.  It worked out great!

I saw several people downtown that I know – how bizarre is that in a city with over 10 million people??  I was also able to swing by the home of some teammates just to say hello.

Tonight we had dinner with the newest teammates, who arrived last fall, and also have three kids, near the same age and the same genders as ours.  Such fun was had!  I even got the chance to pop next door to say hello to a visiting adopting mom who we met stateside over a year ago!  The world really is a small place.

We have made some progress on unpacking and are still awaiting our shipment.  It’s sort of a catch 22 because we need some stuff in the shipment (like our entire kitchen), but at the same time, without furniture, there’s not too many places to put stuff away.  Oh well, we’re working on it.

Today’s adventures out had me using more French these past two days than I think I used over ten months in France…but it is SO NICE to be able to communicate!!  We even had visits from some of our favorite Congolese today – and to talk to them more naturally was wonderful.

Thank you for continued prayers!  Keep them coming as we settle in and make decisions about furniture, hiring household help, finding a good church situation, and meeting new people here!

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  1. Sandra chiou permalink
    July 16, 2015 0829

    Hi Lisa! So glad to hear that things are going so well. You all have been much in our prayers.

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