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Joyful & Confident

May 6, 2015

About a month ago I published this post that talked more plainly about some stress that we were feeling.  We got some really encouraging responses, but also some panicked “are you okay???” ones.  We are more than okay: we are joyful in where we are and the blessings we have been abundantly given.  We are confident in the calling God has placed on our entire family – to leave our home country and culture and venture out to use the skills He has given us.  But, being joyful and confident does not always equal well-rested and in good spirits.

This week has been a let down of saying goodbye to the last family member, my (Lisa’s) Dad, and getting back into the grind of language learning.  But, also, beginning Monday night, several of us here at the language school noticed feeling extra discouragement, anxiety, depression, or fear.  Many of us talked about the perils of life in Africa, outside of our own culture and language.  Then, this morning, Matthew woke with a bit of an ache, and by noon, it was chills and a high fever.  Out of nowhere!

After talking with several of the missionaries here, we believe this is probably a spiritual attack – the Enemy is trying his hardest to discourage us and keep us from doing well.  He knows that he probably won’t make anyone pack up and leave so close to the end of language school, but he can at least try to make it miserable.  A few friends mentioned being more cranky with their spouse or kids.  This discord, too, is probably more spiritual in nature.

Thankfully, we know who gets the Victory and, like I said at the beginning, we are joyful and confident.  Right now, it is the thick of this week’s battle.  I am great, the kids are doing well.  We aren’t having any major meltdowns or changes of heart.  But, I know our friends in language school right now are really struggling.  I know that several people are sick, including Matthew, who has been in bed literally all day.  I know that the Devil’s goal is to dissuade us from the work God has in mind for us.  So I know that through prayer and perseverance, drawing strength from the Lord, we will overcome and continue on in good form.  Please pray with us!  Pray for us!  Be joyful and confident with us!

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  1. ricetd permalink
    May 6, 2015 0829

    Thanks for the update. I skyped with Kathy and she mentioned Matthew was down ill and also potential spiritual conflicts. We are praying. God bless you. Tim

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