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Exam Week

March 11, 2015

This week’s exams are half done.  For me (Lisa), I have completed my more challenging set and, while I wouldn’t describe the rest of the week as “easy,” I would at least say the major part of my studying is done.  Matthew has his grammar test tomorrow morning (I did mine on Tuesday).  Overall, please continue to pray over our week of tests.

The up-side to test week is the free time in between tests.  Many exams are fairly short, so we have an extra hour or two while the kids are still in school to study.  But, like after my grammar exam yesterday, I couldn’t actually use my brain for much else, but I used my extra two hours in the afternoon to do some amazing cleaning while my house was empty.  It was awesome.

Other highlights these past few days include enjoying some gorgeous weather (topping 60F with lots of sun and just a few clouds) but still the beauty of snow on the mountains around us and Axel getting his yellow fever shot in a nearby town where the travel doc was even kind enough to notice that Axel was behind on his one year vaccinations (ahem, oops) and gave them to him.  Now that he has his yellow fever shot, we will be ready to apply for our Congo visas when it’s time in a few months!

I am especially thankful for our community here on the language school campus.  While we all don’t always agree and living in community with other families has its challenges, I have been completely blessed by the honesty, frankness, and graciousness by our friends here.

And, so, here’s to finishing out our week in exams (results are Monday), and on to a new or repeated class!

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