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Our Friend, Tirzah

February 11, 2015

Our friend, Tirzah, is here visiting us, hence the relative silence online, and we are having a mostly great time.  Mostly great because, we are sharing everything with her, including the flu we had last week.  So, yeah, oops…

But, besides that, we have enjoyed much sunnier weather this week, several walks around town, lots of sleeping, some French food, visits with our classmates/friends, and little introductions to our life here.  Having someone from home (in this case, a friend from our church in Idaho) come visit us, it is always encouraging and refreshing.

Our family is feeling much better and mostly over the horrible plague (flu) that all five of us encountered a week ago.  But then I have spent the last 24 hours with the stomach flu.  A different adventure.  And yet, despite the different trajectory of her visit, Tirzah has been most helpful in our home while I was out of commission.  We have a couple more days with her, including a weekend trip to Lyon that we are really excited about.  We are also grateful for these two weeks (this week and next) off of language school, to refresh and reset our brains.  And do homework.

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