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Les Vacances de Noël

December 21, 2014

We have begun our two weeks off for Christmas and New Years.  We don’t have any major plans, but might come up with something.  Matthew has been busy on campus helping to fix up some building issues.  It is what he loves, what he’s good at, and keeping him busy!  I have three littles and need a vacation…or at least that’s how I feel sometimes…ha ha!

Wednesday evening it felt like we kicked off Christmas week with a hymn sing at Dave and Ashley Petersen’s apartment downstairs.  They are also with MAF and headed to Eastern Congo.  We had a lovely time with everyone who is going to Congo (minus one) enjoying tasty treats and singing carols.

Thursday was the Grande Menage – a cleaning/work day on campus!  Many helped outside freshening up the campus, trimming hedges, raking leaves, etc.  Matthew continued some projects he started in a vacant apartment to ready it for a new family next week and I took advantage of three hours of an empty house to do some deep cleaning.  It was wonderful!!

That afternoon, Levi and Amelia had a singing performance at their school.  It was fun to hear the songs – two of them in English, even!  The kids were very excited to see not only their parents (us) but also several friends, fellow Congo missionaries, there as well.  We have an awesome family here.

Friday I had class as normal, but Matthew’s class baked some traditional French Christmas cake rolls (bouche de Noël).  Friday afternoon was off to prepare for that evening – the graduation!

About half of the student body started in January (and a few before that) and are done with their studies.  Friday night there was an official ceremony celebrating their accomplishments.  It was a festive occasion, but with some sad good byes as well.

Saturday was fairly laid back, market shopping for Mommy and Amelia, some random chores and even a nap!  We had planned a movie night to watch Home Alone once the kids were in bed, which did happen, but shortly afterward Dave and Ashley became new parents!

It’s not my birth story to tell, but I was very honored to be invited to attend and help with Ashley’s birth, a planned home birth, and she was so awesome!  Welcome to sweet BIG Daniel!

Please pray for our family’s health.  Levi and Axel have been battling colds.  Please pray for snow – yes!  We want our final winter to feel like winter – it’s warm here, despite being surrounded by the glorious Alps, it has rarely dipped below freezing.  But we love winter and it’s a small thing, but it would be nice.

Thank you for your Christmas cards – what sweet reminders!!  We miss you all and, if you don’t hear from us again before Christmas, then we wish you all a very merry Christmas!!!

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