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Exam Week

December 3, 2014

Today is a break from Exam Week, since it is our usual Wednesday off.  It’s really not as scary as it sounds…four days of testing on each and every aspect of French.  Okay, maybe it is a little bit scary.  But, so far, we’ve survived and even thrived!

Each aspect of French is tested for our levels.  The results of the exam will determine if we are ready to move up to the next level or need to review and repeat our present level.  The levels are based on the DELF – A1, A2, B1, B2, C1…the EU’s standardized measurement of fluency in a language.  I am in the A1 class and Matthew is in the A2 class.  We are both hoping to move on, of course – me to A2 and Matthew to start B1 (B1 is two trimesters long…).

For both of us this week, different days, in morning and afternoons, we have been tested on the various aspect of French.  Can you understand what you hear?  What you read?  Can you answer questions about it?  Can you write it exactly?  Can you provide answers to questions using correct grammar?  Can you have a conversation?  Can you write a text in a given scenario?  Can you read a text aloud and pronounce the words correctly?  Matthew also had an additional section examining his knowledge of Biblical vocabulary.

So far this week has gone well for us and we have been getting lots of sleep and studying in.  Next Monday we find out the results of the exams and, of course, we will share if we are moving on or spending a bit more time at our present levels.  Either way, we are learning French to pursue relationships in Congo…on y va!

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