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Linds Across Europe, Day 1

October 18, 2014

Well, we made it!  We are spending the first night of our road trip in Karlsruhe, Germany.  Karlsruhe is nicely centered between Stuttgart, Heidelberg, and a few other popular spots.  We have a very nice room in a large family hostel that boasts bunk beds for the kids, a playroom, free WiFi in the lobby and other nice features.  We even have free parking!

Today was not without mishaps and adventures, though.  Firstly, we very much underestimated our abilities to get everything in order before we left, and didn’t leave until 1:30pm!  But, in the midst of it, we got the house clean and even had a nice family walk over to get the car.  It was bigger than we were expecting – a fantastic blessing for a road trip in Europe!

Then, a grave error was made in not understanding the GPS system…the box “avoid all tolls” had been checked and for the first two hours, after adorable quaint French village after another, and winding mountain roads, and one sick kid, we finally figured out the error and popped right on the toll road.  Of course seeing the beautiful French mountains and villages (and saving ourselves a ton of money in tolls – which are plentiful and expensive in France) was fun.  (Well, there was the throw-up, which was not.)

We left the EU for a few hours and drove across Switzerland, passing through the tallest mountain in Europe (in a tunnel), seeing snow-capped Alps, and enjoying the landscape.  (We were excited to learn that the required stamp needed to drive through Switzerland, that costs 40€, was left on our car!  More money saved!)

Finally, just before dusk, we passed into Germany and then, as he put it, began a highlight of Matthew’s life…driving in Germany.  Much of this highway had no speed limit and was straight.  Yes, Matthew beat his previous “off-duty” record with 111mph (as measured by our American GPS)…but at that moment we were STILL blown past by a BMW going at least 140mph…so, 100mph felt totally normal and safe…so strange!  And so fun!  If you know Matthew well, you know he loves to drive, so this was pure heaven for him!

Finally, without further incident, and with three sleeping kids, we got to our hostel and are hanging out, with three kids asleep and a full adventure (and another country) to look forward to tomorrow!


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  1. Tim Rice permalink
    October 21, 2014 0829

    1[image: France] France Mont Blanc [2] [3] 4,810.45[4] 15,7821[image: Italy] Italy Mont Blanc [2] [3] 4,810.45[4] 15,7822[image: Switzerland] Switzerland Monte Rosa 4,63415,203 A suggested correction for your blog. We live near the tallest mountain the “Europe” but it also depends on if you are talking about EU or geographical Eurasia.

    Our problem with navigation is that without data connection (Orange can’t get my phone on their data network) I can use GPS but my google maps can easily deleted and then we have to go by the printed map.

    Love you guys. Safe travels.

    Dr. Tim and Kathy Rice

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