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School Has Begun

September 8, 2014
Our school is the group of white buildings in the center - Matthew took this photo during a hike

Our school is the group of white buildings in the center – Matthew took this photo during a hike.  You can actually see the window I am looking out as I write this.  Crazy.

Last week was mostly administrative stuff – like a soft beginning.  Monday was off, Tuesday was placement tests and a campus tour (it’s a very small campus), Wednesday is always a day off (though Levi and Amelia have a half day of school), then Thursday was Orientation where we covered the school, history and a great talk (translated, thankfully) from the president of the association.  The school is 47 years old and is a great witness to Albertville, since this small city of 18,000 only has three tiny churches.  Thursday afternoon we all opened French bank accounts (to make transactions easier and to be able to get things like cell phone service).

Friday was our first official day of French language school in our respective classes.  I am in the beginner French class – I am glad to be able to cover the basics.  While I can function out in public with toddler French and a decent vocabulary, my reading, pronunciation and even understanding of the structure of the language are all lacking.  I loved finally being able to, by the end of the day, know how to pronounce a French word by reading it.

Matthew is in the next level up class – his class was reviewing present, imparfait and passé composé conjugation.  I definitely do not belong there, and he definitely does.

So, this will be our first full week of classes and the new normal.  I will be honest and say I spent most of today overwhelmed at the balancing act it will be – three kids, a household, and full time schooling.  I don’t know how anyone does it and I’m not really sure how I’ll do it, but thankfully, we are called to this whole process and the Lord is my strength.  Whew.  Thank the Lord for that!  Also, Matthew was awesome and helped out big time today to get caught up so that we can all start the week at least not behind on everything.  There will be homework, and plenty of it…so, bring it on and let’s learn a second language!

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