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Settling In

August 25, 2014

This is day five of our life in France.  It is going very well!  Axel is still on Mountain Time a bit, so we spend more time awake at night than we’d prefer, but he’ll get it figured out soon.

Our little three bedroom apartment is cozy and we’ve rearranged all the furniture to make it a little more like what we’d like.  We finally unpacked everything today, so we’re feeling settled.  I did my first loads of laundry over the weekend.  The washers are shared on campus and we lined dried the items.  There is a dryer, but drying outside is so fresh (and cheaper)!  We’ve walked around about half of the town and know where some of our favorite shops are now.  One can get anything here, so don’t feel too badly for us.  Oh, you weren’t feeling badly for us?  It has something to do with living in the French Alps?  Yeah, okay, I get that.

Matthew headed down with some other parents from the school today to register Levi for school.  He (Levi) will be attending the public kindergarten just across the street.  He will learn French so quickly, maybe he can help me with my homework!  He begins school the same day we do – September 2nd.

Yesterday we attended the local protestant church with some of the other families from the language school.  It was a great experience and though I understood only bits and pieces, Matthew understood the main points of the sermon AND was able to successfully (or at least I was thoroughly impressed) introduce our family and give a few sentences about where we’re from and where we’re going.  It’s a small church and the folks were very welcoming!

Please continue to pray for us as we settle in and figure out some of the nitty gritty of how to conduct life, get some paperwork sorted out, and even be praying as the other families are starting to arrive.  We know three other families (all going to Congo) on their way before the week is out – hopefully we can help them if they need it.  Thank you for your prayers thus far.  We are already finding new ways to practice our French and settling in to life here will make learning French better.  The best way to learn a language is to immerse in the culture.  We are eating enough cheese and bread to try and do that!

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