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Wish List Last Call

July 30, 2014

Hello!  We are three weeks from our intended departure date and things are still humming along here on the soon-to-be-old home front.

Axel and I had a great time at the family reunion/birthday party this past weekend.  The goodbyes were hard, though!  Matthew’s mom was here the past two weeks helping us with the kids and the house and it was a great blessing to have her here.

We are still waiting for word on our visas.  We hope to know by the end of the week.  It’s really hard to wait and be in the blank space of not knowing.  Thankfully, we can rely on an all-knowing God and His sovereignty for the big picture in our lives, regardless of what France decides about our visas.

So, we continue as if we are leaving in three weeks.  What does this mean for you?  Well, we still have several items on our amazon wish list that we will need to acquire in time to pack, so if you were considering helping us out in this way – please do so today!  We will probably shut it down and get everything ordered by early next week to allow time for shipping and packing.  If you haven’t visited, did you know the average item is only about $20?  Super easy to help!

Thank you to all of you who did send something our way.  We cooed over each package that arrived and are so blessed by your generosity!  Wow!!!

Please continue to be in prayer for our visas and for our last few weeks together – that we can balance all that needs done and not arrive in France a complete wreck!

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