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July 7, 2014

It’s been hot here.  Like, stupid hot.  On the one hand, it’s a fun throwback to our days in Kinshasa before, and a good reminder of what it is really like to live in the heat.  On the other hand, ew.  Our adorable house does not have air conditioning.  And the basement is great for cooling off, but still rather under construction and now, both bedrooms house both kids down there so we can pack, thus we cannot easily hang out after bedtime.  However, the past week it has been over 95 and I think topped 100 a few times, with only hotter temps in the near future.  We’ll survive, of course, but it makes it hard to work.  We are looking forward to one more winter before moving to a hot climate, since we do love winter and miss Alaska, of course.

Also, we want to thank those of you who bought something from our Amazon Wish List.  We got items the next day!  So cool!  There are still more things if you’re interested in checking it out – and we’ve added a few more items as we talk more about what we have and still need.  Of course, if you’re also still wondering if you could support our ministry on an on-going basis, we still need a few families to jump on board in that way, too.

Finally, if you get these updates via email, I want to let you know I’ve added a few things to the website and would encourage you to visit.  We are trying to gear up to use more social media to keep you all involved and informed on our life overseas.  I set up an Instagram account and you can see the photos on the sidebar of our website – you don’t even need an account!  Same goes for Twitter.  We really want our sending team – those of you who are praying for and financially supporting us, especially – to be truly part of the ministry.  In this world of instant and constant communication, we want to take advantage of the opportunity to involve you all in the ministry in this direct way.  No more waiting for months for our prayer letters (though, you’ll still get those, and they’ll still be informative), no more wondering how your support is being used.  BAM – nest thing you know, you’ll be sick of us!  Well, hopefully not…

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