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Looking Ahead to Language School

July 1, 2014

I think we have about 51 days until we depart.  We are busy gathering ourselves together to leave – mostly focused on house projects and packing and sorting.  We moved the kids into one of the basement bedrooms in order to use their old room, on the main floor, for our packing/sorting central.  Matthew painted it last night so that it’s ready once we’re done.  Hopefully we’ll get all organized in there by the end of the week.

As we look ahead to spending the next year immersed in the French language, some of you have asked what that will look like – with the most common question being about the kids!  Matthew and I will be students at a full time language school.  “Full time” in France is actually four days per week (all schools in France take Wednesday off!) with classes during the morning hours.  Afternoons and evenings will (hopefully) be spent studying and using the language!  Whether it’s just studying grammar or actually getting out and having conversations.  The town is familiar with the language school, so we’re hoping to build relationships and get lots of practice in.

The kids will have their own things to do.  On-campus childcare will be perfect for Amelia and Axel – they will be cared for and French used around them.  We’ll love having them right on campus with us!  Levi will be entering kindergarten in the local public school, since he will be 5 (in two weeks!) and there he will learn French quickly.  He already has so much exposure, that I’m hoping the learning curve won’t be too much for him.  He’s excited to go to school for the year.  (We’ll begin homeschooling once we’re settled in Congo.)  The school there is also familiar with language school students and so I know he’ll be well cared for.  I’m counting on Levi to help me with my homework!  He already knows most kindergarten things, so we’re working on the French version (this week we’re teaching him colors in French, for example).  Also, his school is only two blocks away from ours, so he’ll still be a close walk from us!

We will have several two-week breaks during the school year, so we do hope to do a little traveling, because it would certainly be a shame to be in Europe and not see at least part of it!

Please continue to pray that the last of our monthly support is covered by new members to our sending team and that we will be using our time wisely in these next few weeks!

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  1. Tim Rice permalink
    July 2, 2014 0829

    Ok can I steal a part of this email for our next newsletter?

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