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Language School

June 22, 2014

Announcement: We have a language school selected, chosen, and approved!  We will be studying French in France, in a little village called Albertville, best known for hosting the 1992 Winter Olympic Games.

While we initially desired a shortened language school term, specifically at an intensive school in Paris, MAF puts a large emphasis on language learning.  Because of the necessary communication skill and understanding of French for Matthew’s management role, it was decided to follow the normal course (one full school year) learning French.  We are excited to be the best prepared we can be when we settle into ministry in Congo.  It’s true, we are sad we now won’t be returning to Kinshasa for another full year, but it is important to reach a level of language comprehension that will leave us able to focus entirely on the ministry.

Language school – the ninth months spent focused on language learning – is also a great time of ministry.  We will still be living in community with others, showing our faith to the local town, and just learning to live in another culture with another perspective.  It is not considered “wasted time.”  And, let’s be honest, who wouldn’t want to spend a few months learning a beautiful language while nestled in the foothills of the Alps?

The school itself is also a very exciting choice.  Not only is it in a prime location, it is cheaper than Paris, and it is a school dedicated to training missionaries for service in overseas positions.  We will learn French, but we will also learn how to use French to share the hope and love of Jesus Christ with our Congolese and ex-pat friends in Kinshasa.

One last thing we are excited about with Albertville is that we already know two other families attending school there this fall – both planning to serve in DRC upon completion.  One is an MAF couple that will serve as a pilot/mechanic family in the East and the other is a Doctor/Nurse couple (and one daughter) who will be serving at the hospital in Vanga (one of our regular flights from Kinshasa).  We’ve already met and gotten to know these families in person, so it will be fun to share this time with a common goal.

But, we aren’t done.  We have two “asterisks” with regard to all of this information.  They are matters that we would hope you will begin to pray about with us.

1.  We still need full monthly support before we are released to purchase airplane tickets.  School starts in September and while we are currently working on applying to the school and for French visas, we can’t actually go without a complete team behind us.  Please pray for the last 9% of our support to come in – perhaps pray about YOUR role in our sending team?

2.  The final decision was made just Friday, so we are cutting the paperwork close.  We know God can do anything, but at the same time, the power of prayer cannot be measured.  Please pray that there is still space and housing left at the school for the fall, and also that our visa application process will go smoothly and on the short end of the normal turn-around times!

We have just eight short weeks if all goes according to this plan – pray for our peace and for things to just hum along the timeline!

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  1. chris szymanski permalink
    June 23, 2014 0829

    Hi guys, your current news is so very exciting & really does make a lot of sense. I will bring thee 2 requests to Sovereign Grace. Paul & I will pray, also. Do take care & ask His perfect plan come to pass.. Chris S.

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