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A Week of Fun

June 13, 2014

Well, the week wasn’t ALL fun, but it’s really about the perspective.  You see, we had some wonderful company this week, so that makes it all fun, indeed, even through the work!

Matthew’s sister and brother came into town.  It was so fun to have them here hanging with the family – three Lind siblings* under one roof, which is only half of the bunch, can be tough…mostly while they’re haggling out the specific rules of Taboo…but overall it was a wonderful time with family.  Levi and Amelia love their aunt and uncle – and Axel got to meet them for the first time.

In just three days, we fit in an MAF headquarters tour (including a half hour plane ride for the three siblings), lunch at our favorite local restaurant, a brief visit to downtown Boise and the capitol grounds, late night outdoor movies (in our backyard, of course), a few rounds of Taboo (David and I totally had the most epic comeback EVER), hot springs, dairy farm tour, lunch at our favorite local pizza spot, and yard work.

We are so grateful plans were made for them to come visit – it will be quite a while before we see them again.  Also, my sis-in-law is a great photographer, even with just the iPhone…here are a couple of my favorites that she took to document the week:

Linds and a Kodiak at MAF HQ

Linds and a Kodiak at MAF HQ

Brothers in a plane!

Brothers in a plane!

Sister and Big Brother, awww!

Sister and Big Brother, awww!

Amelia LOVED the cows at the dairy…so. much.

Amelia LOVED the cows at the dairy…so. much.

Of course, we continue to invest in the house – mostly time – though we did get it painted this week which is all kinds of exciting.  We hired a couple of fantastic guys after they left their card with an estimate on top of our mailbox one day.  They did a great job and the house is now even more beautiful (yes yes, pictures…I know…).  Matthew and David did some heavy labor in the backyard, leveling the dirt, and relocating it to the side.  All of this after Matthew ended last week installing new windows in the basement bedrooms and taking out the old broken back porch and cover for it.  Today he cut down two trees and planted grass seed.  Whew.  Just a bit more work and the outside will be finished!  Yay!

And so we begin another week.  You should’ve received our latest prayer letter, via email or snail mail.  If you haven’t, please let us know so you’re sure not to miss any in the future!  This month’s is a rather exciting announcement regarding our assignment in DRC – don’t miss it!


*Yes, anyone with a keen eye for detail would point out that there are ALWAYS three Lind siblings under our roof – Levi, Amelia, & Axel.

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  1. June 14, 2014 0829

    WOW – it sounds like you all had a great time and it also sounds like those guys beat Victor’s price and timing – that’s GREAT!  Can’t wait to come visit in July! And can’ wait for pictures!

    Love ya,


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