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Back in Washington…aka, déjà vu.

May 4, 2014

Hello from the happy travelers!  I mean, it’s nothing compared to last summer, but it’s still a bit of driving (it takes nine to ten hours with a nursing infant to go from Boise to Tacoma).  However, the drive on Friday was smooth and easy, even enjoyable.

So why are we back in WA?  Well, we are super excited that some new[-ish] churches are interested in hearing about our ministry, but we simply ran out of Sundays on our last visit.  We had some things we needed to return to Idaho to accomplish, but we are excited for these new steps in the church relationships.  The neat thing is that these churches actually already know us in some capacity and we are just finally getting the chance to make an official presentation to share fully about our ministry.

We will be around for 2.5 weeks before returning to Idaho and, hopefully, getting some real plans put in place for our return.  Stay tuned for that…

Meanwhile, financial support is what is driving our timeline at the moment.  We are making lots of phone calls to pull in the remaining percent – have we talked to you?  It’s been fun to reconnect with people after several months and hear that they have been keeping up with us and praying for our stateside ministry!  We are closing in on 80% supported – what a tremendous blessing!

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