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Life in Washington

April 5, 2014

We are still in Washington, almost three weeks now, and plan to hang around for another two or so, depending on how our calendar fills (or doesn’t).  We spent the early part of this week in Bellingham, right near the Canadian border.  We stayed with some of my high school friends, now an adorable married couple, and visited some friends, supporters, and a church where Matthew presented our ministry during his visit here in January.  It was a neat time, especially because the weather during the day was so lovely.  We even had a little time to ourselves and took the kids down to the beach (a Washington beach) where we found tiny crabs and lots of shells and rocks.

Back in the South Sound area on Tuesday afternoon, the kids and I (Lisa) immediately got a cold, but I was hit the worst.  Wednesday morning and afternoon was me huddled into a ball and sleeping.  Levi and Amelia had coughs and runny noses.  It was less than fun – Matthew, taking care of all of us, and I, lost track of the day and time and even forgot an appointment until it was halfway over.  This did not help us feel better.  However, by that evening we were feeling much better and continued with all of the rest of our plans as scheduled.  Yesterday Levi and Amelia were totally fine and I have just a cough leftover.  Whew!

This weekend will be another busy one, but we still have some time to visit with people next week if you were thinking of trying to meet up with us!  Next Sunday we will have the opportunity to share with a new church, so we’re really excited about that!  Please continue praying that things will come together.  We passed the 70% mark of our needed monthly support, but that’s still a stretch to go!

I’m stealing a pic stitch that I posted on Facebook, because it’s the highlights from our beach day…

Beach Day


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