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10DOP – Day 10: Our Needs

January 20, 2014

Thank you so much for praying with us these last ten days.  Not only did you sustain us in prayer, but you sustained me while Matthew has been gone these last ten days to Washington to find more people to support our ministry.  Home alone with the three kiddos has not been the easiest time, but knowing we were being prayed for certainly helped!  (It was, of course, not wise to announce to the world that we were home “alone” during all this time…)

Today’s prayer focus is on just that – our family’s needs.  We want to ask that you prayer for our future team and that they are being prepared for us to join them.  Please also pray for our future home, wherever it may be and whatever it looks like, we pray that it will be a perfect fit for our family and our ministry.  Finally, we ask that you pray for our needs for more support.  After the last training in done at the end of February, our return to the field (with a stop over for language training for a few months) is dependant on raising 100% of our needed financial support and knowing we have the ongoing prayer support to sustain us.  Please pray that these needs will be met swiftly!

Thank you!

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