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Baby? What baby!? That was a watermelon seed…

November 7, 2013

So, still no baby.  Bummer.

If you’re coming here because you just received our prayer letter in your mailbox (or inbox) looking for baby news, I’m afraid we were a bit more optimistic than we should’ve been.  That, and the MAF mailroom is amazingly efficient.  However, they’re always that efficient, so no surprise there.  The surprise is that this baby is still cooking.

Yes, that’s a good thing.  The baby is active and seems quite content to sit around and roast a while longer.  However, it was not exactly expected.  Levi and Amelia were both quite early, born long before this, and quite healthy (Levi was over 8 pounds, Amelia nearly 8 herself).  Plus, my dad’s scheduled visit is coming to an end (we’re still working on the details there), though I’m glad my aunt is here now, too, to be able to help and hang out with us.

We’re also coming up on the start of our next training module at MAF HQ.  We’d hoped to have a baby at least a week or two old…now, it may be just days.  Training starts on the 18th.  Pray for us!!!

But, the reality is, God’s timing is perfect.  Always.  Every time.  Period.  So, we wait on His timing for this little one to make his or her appearance.  And then I’ll post about it…I promise!

Meanwhile, if you’re coming here because you’re just awesome like that and want to know why YOU aren’t getting a prayer letter, then send us an email at with your email or mailing address.  The prayer letter comes out every few months to just let you know how we’re doing.  It includes pictures and stories and, of course, matters for prayer not seen on the blog (or my facebook).

Did you also know we now have a weekly prayer update that is email only!  Matthew is in charge of this one, though we collaborate on the actual prayer requests (this week, when he asked, I just kept repeating…get the baby out.  Get. It. Out.) – and, of course, we ALWAYS need more prayer!  If you’re interested, same process, just let us know via email (or comment, or facebook, or call us, or messenger pigeons, whatever).

Have you moved recently?  Make sure you’ve notified us of your new address so you don’t miss a prayer letter (GASP!) – if you don’t get one in the next week, it means something isn’t right and it should be rectified promptly!

Meanwhile, please, really, just pray for this baby.  And for his/her mommy, who is rather uncomfortable.  I’m not complaining, mind you, but, just…huge.  And the comments…oh goodness gracious, the comments in public.  I’m ready to move on from “you look ready to pop”…”are you sure it’s not twins/triplets”…*blank stare* to something a little more cute, like “ohhhhh, how old is s/he???” and “what’s his/her name???”  Yes, that would be lovely.

Again, not complaining.  But, seriously, baby???  Let’s go!

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  1. Mitzi permalink
    November 7, 2013 0829

    You realize you said “his mommy”? ;-). Praying up this way!

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