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Adoptions in DRC Update

October 23, 2013

A few weeks ago I posted a sad update that suddenly the adoption process out of DRC came to halt, as Congo stopped issuing paperwork allowing the newly adopted kiddos out of the country.  Since then, the adoption community, of which I am a fringe part, has been understandably on pins and needles, waiting for news.  Today, it was announced that the statement still stands, but those were already approved by that ministry (the Congolese Ministry of Gender and Family) will be able to bring their children home – most of those families were already in country when this announcement came out, so you can imagine the collective sigh of relief after staying in Kinshasa for a month or more!  However, today’s announcement also includes that single parents will no longer be able to adopt out of DRC.  This is so sad to me because I know of several single parents in the middle of the paperwork, already matched with children.

If you’d like to read the notice, please go here.  Many of you asked some excellent questions about the pre-adoption process that these parents go through, and how the problems crept up, as in the case of the homosexual couple, or the rumor of a nudist couple.  I assure you, these prospective parents’ entire lives are exposed and 99% of them sincerely wanted to provide homes for children who needed them.  How a few snuck by that went against the laws of DRC, I’m not able to say, but every single family we have met (which has now surpassed 150 families) has only been for whatever it takes for an ethical adoption.

Please continue to pray for these families and for these children.  Opinions of adoption, especially internationally, aside, children who were promised homes and families may not get the chance to be united, and parents who carried hope for their children may not be able to complete the process and bring home their kiddos.  Only the Lord knows the ins and outs of why this has happened, and we give it to Him to sort out the hearts of those involved.

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  1. October 23, 2013 0829

    While the topic and content of this post are not in any way funny, the proximity of the phrases “nudist couple” and “parents’ entire lives are exposed” made me giggle. Glad families are getting home, and so sad for those whose adoptions will now be disrupted – and kiddos left behind.

  2. Julia Leinen permalink
    October 24, 2013 0829

    thanks so much for being an advocate for adoptions and for caring about our community. You are truly a blessing. continued prayers for you, your training, and your pregnancy.

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