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A First Glimpse…

October 5, 2013


I know it’s been a few days – and each of those days could fill a blog post.

Wednesday and Thursday we began moving stuff in and preparing to live at our house.  Thursday night was our first night sleeping here!

Friday we began our first training module of this next season of our lives at MAF HQ.  The next two weeks consist of Monday – Friday, 8-5, plus dropping kids off at a(n awesome) sitter’s house.

Today we spent more time on the house and running errands, followed by an afternoon at the local African church, which is made of mostly Congolese!  It was AWESOME, even through the three hours at evening time with two kids.

So, I hope to go over each day in more detail, as each day has been such a different aspect of missionary life, but for now, here is a first glimpse of our house.  You all know, when moving, it’s important to finish little places of refuge in the chaos that is tools, boxes and random clutter…and I’m happy to see such amazing progress here in this corner.

Couches from the thrift store, curtains 75% off at an amazing sale, side table one of the rare pieces we kept from life in Alaska, lamp from my (Lisa’s) mom as a house warming present, brass coffee table a wedding gift from Matthew’s grandfather, brought back from India where he was a missionary in the 1950’s-ish, and rug from craigslist.  The book on the table is our summer’s adventures in pictures – we took a photo with EACH family we stayed with, plus a few other highlights.  Amazing blessings that make up our living room.

Oh, those gorgeous flowers?  Well, those are sent with love, from our amazing partners in crime missionary work in DRC, Nick and Jocelyn…and Ruth.

So, in conclusion…clearly, I need to catch you all up…

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  1. October 6, 2013 0829


  2. Jill permalink
    October 6, 2013 0829

    Wonderful Home Sweet Home! I know that you are happy to be staying in one place for a while.

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