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September 27, 2013

Since we’ve been asked quite a few times about where to send mail now that we have a house and are back in the states (in one location), I thought I’d just do a general PSA about it.  If it doesn’t apply to you (because, why in the world would you send us mail!?), then never mind.

We are indeed receiving mail at our house, but instead of trying to keep track of which address is ours, only to change your address books yet again in a few months when we leave for language school, I would suggest continuing to send us mail care of MAF (address at the bottom right of this website).  The mail room staff at MAF are awesome and have set up a mailbox for us to collect mail (and packages), so let’s all keep it simple and stick with that address for now!

If you’re REALLY interested in sending something to our house, just send us an email.

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