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Days 81-83: Done in OK

August 25, 2013

This weekend has been super fun – really relaxing, lots of time with new friends, who feel like old friends, and resting and getting laundry done.

Friday and Saturday were both kind of like that.  We really like Enid, Oklahoma and the small town-ness that it is.  While it IS a small town, it’s not too small.  They have all of the necessities (except a Target…but I’m used to that by now, having not lived near a Target since 2006) and in a lot of ways remind us of both Fairbanks and our next home (even temporarily), Nampa, where we’ll spend five months in training.

Anyway, when we haven’t been busy and visiting families here, we’ve been looking to the end of our time on the road and what our life will look like in Idaho for the next few months.  MAF training will be intense, having a third baby will keep us happily busy, and preparing for spending three and a half years in Congo will keep us on our toes, but having a life that rotates around being in the same town, in the same living space, and being with the same people is starting to feel like a novelty that we are only beginning to dream about!  It will have been exactly six months since we’ve had any sort of stability and haven’t lived out of a box or suitcase or trunk.  With two adults, it’s not really that long, but with two kiddos in tow, it’s a little crazy!  And we are excited for the next step!  However, I will emphasize that this road trip time has been fantastic and awesome and we wouldn’t trade it for the world…we’re already looking forward to repeating a version of it in four years!

Anyway, meanwhile, tomorrow we are getting up early and hitting the road for one of our longest drives – it’s estimated to be 10.5 hours of driving, so probably about 12 hours in travel time.  We will then be at my aunt’s house in the mountains of Colorado, where we’ll spend until Friday morning, then we’ll be in Durango for the weekend.  I’m actually not sure of the internet situation at my aunt’s house, seeing as she only moved there last week!  So, if you don’t hear from us, don’t worry – we’re happy and in the mountains of Colorado!

Until then, continue to pray for us, pray for new supporters to commit to the ministry God has for us in DRC and pray that God’s plan is continually carried out – we wouldn’t want it any other way!

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  1. Norma Jean Harris permalink
    August 26, 2013 0829

    Hello. I enjoy your posts. Would you kindly be able to recommend a good adoption agency working in DR Congo. Thank you for your time. Sincerely, NJ Harris

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  2. Shannon permalink
    August 27, 2013 0829

    Um – hello! We (kiddos and I) are in Littleton, CO…

  3. Shannon permalink
    August 27, 2013 0829

    …and we drove 11 beautiful hours to get here, from Etna, WY, yesterday.

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