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Day 78: 28 Weeks Down, 10-14 To Go

August 20, 2013

Today was a bit stressful this morning, I’ll admit it.  We had a great morning with our hosts in Tulsa.  We had a miraculous connection – a friend of a friend of our host was a practicing midwife 15 minutes away AND she managed to take me that very morning.  Crisis averted, stress resolved.

Then we said goodbye to this super fun family and arrived at our appointment…but couldn’t find our camera.  Stress!  Matthew found it while we waited to be seen.  Whew.

The midwife, Ruth, was fantastic and so helpful – it is not normal to see a random patient for one visit, so no one really likes doing it.  The 28 week visit also includes lab work, a gestational diabetes test, and for me, a RhoGam shot, so it’s not as quick and easy as a few measurements and a proverbial pat on the belly.  However, because my first antibody screen came back positive in April (due to the RhoGam I’d received a few months prior for my miscarriage), they wanted to see the new results before I got my shot, thus I’d have to come back – and finding a time, or another place to get the shot took an hour of morale-busting research, unanswered phone calls, and STRESS!  Finally, it was decided that the midwife there could do it after their monthly open house, at 8:30pm, if we moved our dinner appointment up.

Once again, the Lord provided and the stress was relieved.  And we had lunch.  And we got to the hotel we booked last minute in Tulsa, due to our crazy schedule changes, and took a quick dip in the pool before heading out to our dinner engagement with a super supporter towards our ministry.  We had a great time seeing her again and catching up, then drove back to Tulsa, arriving just as the sun set to get my shot.  My bum is a little sore sitting here as I type this, but all of my labs came back normal and I am grateful for continued good medical care on the road.  Our next appointment will be with the midwives who will (hopefully) deliver this baby!  There is light at the end of the road tripping tunnel!  And just 10-14 weeks until we meet little Lind #3!!!  Girl or boy?  We have our suspicions, but only time will tell…and considering I’ve never been more than 38 weeks pregnant, maybe it’s less time than expected!

So, baby is growing well, kicking like crazy, and already has regular bouts with hiccups.  We are all doing well and encouraged by several new monthly supporters this week.  Tomorrow we drive a little east of Tulsa to see Matthew’s grandfather, then back west to Enid for the rest of the week.  Oklahoma is a great state in which to spend sometime wandering!

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  1. tifken permalink
    August 26, 2013 0829

    We are all so excited to know what baby is too. Thankful you are traveling well and praying for you. Our first born is still serious about meeting you in DRC in 3 years or so and is making plans for it even now :-). Praying for the Lord’s will in that.

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