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Days 67 – 68

August 10, 2013

Yesterday we began the drive from Houston to Dallas.  It didn’t take nearly as long as we thought, plus both tired kids (and one tired mama) fell asleep for the first half of the four hour drive (yep, we now consider four hour drives fairly short…that’s our worldview, ya’ll).

We arrived at our hosts’ house – a fantastic townhouse right in Dallas where we are spoiled to get two whole bedrooms and a bathroom, an entire floor, to ourselves!  Thank you Andy and Amy!  Levi and Amelia are also enjoying playing with their three girls (including four-year-old twins!!!) and they are waiting to bring one more home from DRC.

We hung around the house for about an hour before it was time to leave to go to our evening presentation with a group of adopting families.  The host of that event had gone all out and it was beautifully decorated and so far the best attended one we’ve had!  It was such a blessing to meet so many families who love the DRC.  Seeing one family who has already traveled who we got to have over for dinner to our house in DRC was extra fun!

It was yet another late night and now both kiddos have colds again.  Bummer.  But, they slept well (Levi slept in until 10am!) and hopefully we’re on the mend.

Today is my (Lisa’s) birthday!!!  It is my first of many 29th birthdays, I’m sure.  For starters our hosts are treating all of us to Planes.  This evening they have offered to hang out with our kiddos so we can get a real date.  As another adopting family we stayed with pointed out – one cool thing about staying with strangers who are in the process of adoption is that they’ve all passed federal background tests, so we’re probably safe.  Matthew followed up that point of interest with saying that he was the only one to point it out, thus probably escaped something on that test…ha!  Joking, of course.

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