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Day 61

August 3, 2013

This morning we had a wonderful visit with many adopting families at the Louisville adopting families get together.  Everyone in attendance has or will be bringing home kiddos from DRC.  We were in a large classroom at a church (the same church where we’ll be speaking during a Sunday School class tomorrow) and about the time we were just getting going, a wedding was performed in the lobby of the church.  Levi wanted to watch with his new friend, our host’s son – so they sat on the stairs and watched the whole wedding.  I was later told Levi kept asking where the diamonds were.  Hilarious kid!

After the gathering, on the way home, we stopped at a local African grocery store with our hosts.  The store was awesome – it smelled like home (Congo) and they had local products we hadn’t seen in months!  We were both so excited!  The laundry soap, powdered milk, canned beef all reminded us of home, not to mention the bagged fish in the freezer!  We were there to look for some pili pili, but they didn’t have any.  Like I mentioned yesterday, our host has a PhD in food science, so likes to literally experiment in the kitchen.  When Matthew saw he had REAL palm oil (the bright orange, freshly squeezed kind), he suddenly had a craving for our Congo chicken dish, which we haven’t been able to recreate in the US, since it needs the palm oil flavor and pili pili to make it the same.  So, we were a little bummed that they didn’t have it, but oh well.

Matthew got to work in the kitchen and the moms and kids went outside for some bike riding and slip and sliding.  I eventually overheated and came back in – yay, pregnancy.  But, when dinner was ready, it was soooooo great.  It tasted JUST like Congo (Matthew used habanero instead of pili pili, which worked well) – thanks to that tasty palm oil.

After the kids were in bed we wasted two hour watching Sharknado with our hosts.  I was outvoted, so I don’t really have any comment…

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  1. Tim Rice permalink
    August 3, 2013 0829

    Sharknado Hummm. Just looked it up an had a good laugh.

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