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Days 55 – 58

July 31, 2013

So, how to recap the past few days…

Sunday we attended church and had a relaxing afternoon.  Monday, Matthew and his brother got to go do man things together and we had a good afternoon at the park with the kids – they loved their Uncle David so much!  We all watched a movie and headed to bed for our last night in Atlanta.

Tuesday morning we headed out and began the second half of our road trip.  Nashville, normally a four hour drive, but we ran into a terrible traffic jam and it took an extra hour.  Ew.  We arrived and got a bit settled, met our hosts – they will be bringing home twins from Congo to add to their family – and headed out to the adopting families get together that evening.

It was such a fun evening, and certainly our biggest turn out.  I estimate about ten families there, but sort of lost count.  The house where it was hosted was the biggest house we’ve ever been in in our lives and it was gorgeous (the owner built it) – and such wonderful hosts.  We chatted for a long time with the families and went home way too late.

This morning we slept in, did a bunch of work planning the next few weeks’ appointments and get togethers, then headed downtown to see some sights.  Matthew and I wanted to see the Country Music Hall of Fame, but I did find out just before we got there that his real motivation was a Carrie Underwood exhibit.  Ah well, can’t blame him for that!  Ha!  Even the kids enjoyed the museum – Levi is really into guitars and wants to play.  We drove around downtown then headed back to our hosts’ house for the evening and good fellowship with them.

Meanwhile, our Pampered Chef show closed today and we are so excited that we passed our goal of $1000 in sales and were able to earn some spending cash for setting up house in DRC, as well as get LOTS of good stuff from Pampered Chef that we will use to host many people in our homes – thank you to all who ordered and supported us!  If you weren’t able or interested in that, but do want to help with special projects or fundraisers, stay tuned, more are in the works.  Of course, I must emphasize that without regular, ongoing support we can’t go at all, so if you have been considering joining our ministry team with that, please do so here!

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