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Days 21 & 22

June 25, 2013
This Week's Travels

This Week’s Travels

This week we definitely travel as far, but I’m not complaining about only driving 560 miles!  We had so many great stops and saw so many people, that the busyness of all of that made up for less driving.  Plus, I think the kids enjoyed not being in the truck so much.

Yesterday we left the Cincinnati area and headed to my (Lisa’s) uncle’s house in NE Kentucky.  My grandma and cousin also live in the area, so we are having a bit of a reset time with just family.  We are also planning on other life maintenance, such as a hair cut for Matthew, I am reorganizing our stuff so it doesn’t get out of control, the truck is being checked (see the photo from earlier) and just some downtime.

We’re reaching the end of the month and we REALLY would love to see (us and HQ) our support at 50% and beyond – if you have been called to join our ministry team, we want to remind you that starting now would give us a much-needed support and morale boost, as well as cement your place as a big part of our ministry.  God called us to go, is He calling you to join?  It’s super easy – just go here!

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