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Days 19 & 20: Indy and Cincinnati

June 23, 2013

Saturday we had a great time with several adoption families (and friends) just outside Indianapolis!  We talked a bit about what we’re up to and answered questions about DRC.  It was fun to see TWO families that I had met while in Kinshasa and it was so fun to see them again.  One family in particular made some connections for us that very afternoon and we found ourselves in someone else’s house for an hour sharing about our ministry with a friend of theirs.  God does amazing things in this process of deputation and we get to meet awesome people unexpectedly – it’s crazy and fantastic and completely indescribable.  Whew!

Saturday evening we left Indy and headed toward Cincinnati.  Our hosts, long time friend of my (Lisa’s) family, who have known me since I was 7, technically live just across the border in Kentucky, but church today was in Cincinnati and we got to drive through downtown.  We loved worshipping with the church during morning service and seeing a few people who remembered us from when we were here last January.  The afternoon was restful (I think…I slept through it…ha!) and evening service was just as great, with Matthew unexpectedly getting a few minutes to give an update on what we’re doing.  We finished the evening at Skyline Chili – famous, of course!  I love their chili on spaghetti (seriously, weird, but try it).

Tomorrow morning we’ll head across Kentucky to my aunt and uncle’s house for a few days of family time.  My only living grandparent, Great-Grandma-Grace to the kids, is there as well and it’ll be so great to spent time with all of them.  Plus, Matthew is planning to make sure the truck gets all of its maintenance and I’ll have an OB update – 20 weeks on Tuesday!  Halfway there…

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