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Days 15 & 16: Milwaukee-ish

June 20, 2013

The past two days have been filled with catching up on the nitter natter that gets forgotten on the road.  But, we’ve also had a great time with family!  We have been staying with my (Lisa’s) aunt.  Tuesday night we went out to see a ball game with my cousin and his family (his son was playing in the game – and was awesome) and went out to dinner after.  Last night we hung out with my other cousin and her family.  It was good to catch up with their families and such fun to have Levi and Amelia meet more relatives.

Today we are headed out to the greater Chicago area…not a long drive and for that we are grateful!  However, things are busy busy with continued trip planning, paperwork, emails, and all of those little things!  Pictures to come, hopefully, when we’re not busy packing and getting ready to go!  Thank you for your continued prayers for our travels and that we would find people to partner with us in this ministry!

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