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Day 8 continued…

June 11, 2013

Today we drove from Nampa, ID, through the top of Utah, to Rock Springs, WY.  You’d think a random stop in Wyoming would mean we’d have our pick of hotels.  And you’d be wrong, like we were.  We had to go to FIVE hotels (plus a few calls) before we found one and got the last non-smoking room!  They say it’s just because it’s summer.  The landscape is so awesome – nearby there are fossils of schools of fish “swimming” in the rocks.

The drive was about seven hours, so it took us nine.  We had an extra long lunch break that included a Target run for a few items, though.  The kids did pretty well today, but it helps to have two of us in the car, unlike last Tuesday’s drive by myself.  My cough is still really unpleasant, but I’m hoping it’s starting to go away…pray for that, please!  It’s wearing me out!

Tonight we were checked in to the hotel and in the pool in about five minutes.  The pool was a great way to get all the kinks out from sitting in the car all day.  We walked across the street for some food and now we’re settled in for some sleep…at 9:30! Why does sitting in the car all day wear everyone out?  Oh well, it’s much needed, either way.  Last night we were up way too late, but had a great dinner with some friends – a guy I went to high school with and his awesome and equally pregnant wife.  By the way, I’m 18 weeks today!

Anyway, all is well and tomorrow we make the five hour drive through the rest of the bottom of Wyoming, turning right in Cheyenne and straight south to Denver to our very first “real” stop on this epic adventure!

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