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Days 5 & 6: Goodbye, Yellow Truck

June 10, 2013

Two years ago we bought this yellow truck.

1986 GMC

1986 GMC

And by “we” I mean Matthew.  I mean, hopefully you can’t see ME (Lisa) gushing about how cute it is and “ohhhh, shouldn’t we take it home, PUH-leez??”  So, Matthew bought it on a very good deal, that also happens to be a very good story if you ever remember to ask us in person.  Then he made a few improvements, but the engine and driving components ran well, so that door on the side?  Well, instead of a little work room, it became a full blown apartment.  It has a sink, toilet, shower with hot water, two beds, table, and cabinet for storage.  It’s actually quite nice.  The back half still is open box for moving, hauling, or large man toy storage (motorcycles, perhaps?).

Then, we (again, we = Matthew…with help from his brother, Andrew) drove it, containing all of our worldly possessions from Alaska to Washington state, where we would spend a few months raising support for a crazy African adventure and store what little we were keeping.  We have family there, it’s where we grew up, so it made more sense to store our stuff in WA.  And wasn’t that such an adorable moving truck to do the moving job?

The plan was to sell it.  Unfortunately, our motivation was lacking and Matthew’s dad was gracious enough to let it sit in his driveway…for 1.5 years.

Now, we had a new plan of attack – move all of our things to Idaho.  This is more of a home base for us now, since MAF’s headquarters are here and my parents will eventually live here (they bought a house here while the market was low and will move here when my dad retires in a bit).  Plus, the dry climate is far better for long term storage.

And, to go with the new plan, the faithful moving truck!  So, it’s nice we didn’t sell it, I suppose.

So, last week we emptied the truck into my parents’ garage and it was finally time to say goodbye.  This time we are more motivated (mostly by a lack of other parking space) and the cash from the sale will cover our very last student loan.  Woo hoo!  It isn’t sold yet, but we found a truck and parts consignment place to take it and sell it for us for a very good deal.

And now for something completely different…random phone pictures!  We have an old iPhone, but no data plan.  So, it takes nice pictures…but then they collect for a bit.  Here are a few good ones from the past few weeks.

Amelia is addicted to slides - and her great aunt Edie takes a picture.

Amelia is addicted to slides – and her great aunt Edie takes a picture.

Matthew's Uncle Bruce with his nephew and great-nephew

Matthew’s Uncle Bruce with his nephew and great-nephew

Levi and his buddy Finn

Levi and his buddy Finn

Amelia enjoys accessorizing

Amelia enjoys accessorizing

Tomorrow: We begin driving on our first REAL road trip stop…

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