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How Not to Make an Impression

June 2, 2013

Things could’ve been worse, really.  I mean, BOTH kids could’ve been screaming.  Or BOTH kids could’ve run up onto the stage.  But, no, they each took a different route.  Thus, today, we were sanctified a little more, humbled a lot, and learned a great deal about rolling with the punches, picking ourselves up, and trying again.

Today was a long church day for us.  We were to meet the new pastor of my (Lisa) parents’ church – today was his first official day, actually – at 8 am at the church.  After two late nights in a row, we knew we probably would have some cranky kids on our hands.  We woke them, did the breakfast/dressing routine and it went well.  After arriving at church, setting up our table, meeting and talking with the new pastor, the kids started to lose it.

We sat down for church and tried to keep them (and us) cool, not wanting to immediately give in to the nursery – we would be there for two services and hated the thought of leaving the crazies to someone else.  Plus, we were to come up in front of the congregation and be (re)introduced and prayed for, as well as five minutes to share.  Wouldn’t it be nice if the kids came up, too?  Everyone could see them gazing curiously at the bring lights and large group of people.  Seeing Grandpa in the sound booth might produce a friendly and adorable wave or even a “Hi Grandpa!”  (Amelia says it like “gam-pur-ger” – rhymes with hamburger.)  Awww, such sweet little MKs.

But, no.  Ours kids were not cool with that.  I was carrying Levi, based on his earlier state, and he immediately asked to be put down and proceeded to head up the three stairs to the stage.  Amelia, held by Daddy, didn’t want him to talk into the mic and, once down on the ground, tried to run away and simultaneously began to cry.  I grabbed her, scolded Levi as sweetly as possible, and then Amelia began the screaming.  Matthew nodded that I should sit in the front row.  Nope, louder screaming.  So, I began the walk every parent in church has had to make – with the screaming child down the aisle…except my walk started from the very front.  At this point, beyond any other emotion, I was laughing.  What else is there to do?  This is a family church and everyone has been there.  And, really, isn’t it nice to NOT see perfection in other people’s children once in a while?  Because, mine are very good at making other parents feel better about some of those days none of us like to talk about.

I later learned that Levi ran onto the stage during the prayer.  Ugh.  The rest of the service didn’t get much better.  So, of course, nursery it was for the second service.  And we enjoyed a church BBQ under the [hot!] sun to welcome the new pastor.

At the second service - kid-free and Matthew is cracking jokes with the pastor about caterpillars (eating them)...also, glimpse the almost-17 week baby bump!

At the second service – kid-free and Matthew is cracking jokes with the pastor about caterpillars (eating them)…also, glimpse the almost-17 week baby bump!

Both kids were completely out just after we began the drive home at 3pm.  They transferred well to their beds for nap (neither of them have a history of doing this, so we’re happy when it happens).  Levi stayed home with Grandpa during evening service at our home church – our last chance to say goodbye – and Amelia did okay…once I took her to the nursery.  You do what you have to do sometimes!

Now they are sleeping and we’ll all recover from this day.  We had a great time at the church – they are so welcoming and friendly – and we are excited to have their prayers and support behind us!

Tomorrow is packing day…we hope to drive out Tuesday morning and not stop again until we’ve gone 13,000 miles and the leaves have begun to fall.  I’m sure the kids will give us plenty more opportunities to be humbled, sanctified, and grow as parents…and maybe some of you will share with us in those moments this summer!

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