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Welcome Back to WA!

May 23, 2013

We came back to a drizzly Seattle.  We’re starting to think that cold weather is following us wherever we go and we’ll never be warm again until we’re back in Africa.  Hopefully summer will kick in soon and this cold front won’t follow us across the US!

The flight went well, both kids actually slept!  The 3.5 hours flight from Anchorage to Seattle seems short after those long cross-continental flights from a few months ago, but we’re happy to be avoiding airplanes for a while now.

Yesterday we slept in, started unpacking and dismantling, then Levi and I went grocery shopping for our two weeks here.  Last night we had a great dinner with family friends of mine and got all caught up with them.  The kids did really well, but the day after traveling is taxing on them and the parents!

One of my purchases at the store yesterday was a 20″ box fan for white noise.  We had one at our hosts’ home in Anchorage and it helped so much!  The kids were used to sleeping with fan noise in Congo, except that fan was essential for other reasons.  With all of the different places we’ll be staying this summer, some constants will be nice for everyone’s sanity.  So, if we show up at your house with a giant box fan and black-out curtains, never mind us…we’re preserving our sanity!

Another odd thing greeted us here in WA: a piece of mail.  An unnamed person in Port Orchard, WA had mailed back Matthew’s MAF badge.  That badge was last seen in our stolen bag.  It looked like it had been run over by a car, so we imagine these good Samaritans saw it on the road and mailed it to MAF, who then forwarded it to us.  It was a little eery, but it’s nice to know there are still some good people out there.  We have already replaced everything that we needed, so there’s no use in being upset about it anymore!

Today is the kids’ first dentist appointment!  Pray for us…if this goes anything like their post-Congo doctor appointment, we’re all in trouble!  But, Levi seems almost excited about it, so let’s hope that continues…

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