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Alaska: Days 7 & 8

May 14, 2013

The past two days in Fairbanks have been cold…somehow, for some reason, the temperature decided to drop back below freezing.  The sun is still out, and it’s still gorgeous, but oh man…we got used to being warmer quickly.  It was freezing when we arrived here a week ago, slowly warmed into the 60’s by the weekend, and plummeted back down.  This winter has been hard on everyone here.  There have been several false starts to spring and now the temps and delays are breaking records and disheartening locals.  We’ve heard from more than one sourdough (people who’ve lived North a long, long time) that this is the hardest winter they’ve had.

But, for us, the past two days have been enjoyable, despite the chill in the air.  Yesterday we stayed in during the day catching up on paperwork, emails, and all of the things less exciting about the period of building our ministry partnership team.  But, it must be done and it’s nice to have the time to do it.  For dinner, we enjoyed a nice long visit with our very dear friends and their six kiddos.

Today we stayed in from the cold, spent time playing with the kiddos, more computer time – planning for a five month road trip takes a bit of screen time! – and headed out for dinner.  Tonight was with a family from church and their three kids on their small farm.  It was great to get to know them a bit better and the kids enjoyed seeing more animals.  Amelia just wanted to take them all home with her!

We’re hoping it warms up a bit by tomorrow, but it doesn’t seem like that is in the forecast for us…bummer.  Also, we are 14 weeks pregnant today and baby is the size of a lemon!  We get to hear the heartbeat tomorrow and get a brief checkup with my midwives who saw me for my pregnancies with Levi and the first half of Amelia.  Woo hoo!

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