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Summer Plans, Part 1

May 1, 2013

Our plan for summer is to share with as many people as possible about our ministry, not only because it’s so fun to share, but because we are going back, and need further prayer and financial support, so we must find the partners God has set up for us!  Ministry partnership can be really stressful and busy and it’s easy to forget the “why’s” but we are really looking forward to traveling full time and meeting friends, both new and old alike.

For May, we are in the Seattle/Tacoma area for the rest of this week then we head North!  On May 7th, we fly up to Alaska, to Fairbanks, where we lived for five years before moving to Africa.  We will get to meet with our friends and supporters there.  After ten days, we’ll drive down to Anchorage to meet friends from Fairbanks who moved and share with their church about our ministry before flying back to Seattle.  We’ll be in the Pacific Northwest for sure through June 2, but then it gets a little fuzzy.  We don’t have a definite departure date yet.

In June and July, we are in a new city each weekend, with occasional stops during the week.  Here is a rough schedule as it stands today:

June 10-12: Denver, CO

June 14-16: St. Louis, MO

June 17-19: Milwaukee, WI

June 21-23: Indianapolis, IN

June 29-30: Philadelphia, PA

July 5-7: Bow, NH

July 12-14: Richmond, VA/Washington DC

July 17-18: Orlando, FL

July 19-24: Atlanta, GA

Like I said, this schedule is rough dates, but that’s usually how a road trip takes shape.  If you’re in one of these areas, please email us and we’d love to see you!  In each one of these destinations there is an adopting family get-together being planned, so if you’re a family adopting who might be interested in going, please let us know and we’ll match you up!

Places we’re still planning on going, just no dates yet and in no particular order:  Alabama, Arizona, SW Colorado, Lousiville, KY, Nashville, TN, Cincinnati, OH, Oklahoma, Salem, OR, Dallas and Houston, TX.

We must be back in Nampa, just outside Boise, the second week of October.  We begin training and baby will be only a month from arrival, so it’ll be time to get settled for those exciting adventures.  Plus, I imagine we’ll be ready to sleep in one place for a while.

Do you live somewhere else and are just itching to get us to you?  Let us know!  We’ll see you this summer!

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