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Our Furry Friends

March 4, 2013

This weekend brought loss in our lives.  Two of our most favorite furry friends in Kinshasa passed away in two separate events.  Matthew and I aren’t super touchy feel-y when it comes to animals, but these two, dying within days of each other, definitely made us sad.

Nick and Jocelyn discovered sweet Serenity Friday after noticing she hadn’t been around all day.  We cat-sat Serenity last summer while Nick and Jocelyn were back in Canada having baby Ruth.  Serenity had even been toilet trained (as in, a real human toilet).  She climbed walls and was probably the most awesome cat ever.  She will be missed!



ShUGA is of the Christmas House fame.  The most hilarious dog you’ve ever met.  Actually, there were few people who met her who didn’t simply laugh out loud the minute she walked into the room.  We had the privilege of hanging out with her over Christmas, then again in February.  Matthew and I decided a bull dog was on our list of “somedays” after watching such a fantastic friend.  She passed away during the flight from Kinshasa to Germany, where she was going to be taken home to the US since her “parents” are moving back this summer, but they were trying to beat the heat of Georgia for her sake.



Pets are parts of the family and these two families are mourning the loss this weekend and we mourn with them.  These two animals were quite awesome and I’m glad we got to get to know them!

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  1. Deborah Spann permalink
    March 4, 2013 0829

    That makes me sad. Do you know why the family pets died? Do you know how old they were?

  2. Janice trumbull permalink
    March 4, 2013 0829

    How timely…I might have to put one of my cats down today…it is so sad. I figure God loans them to us to remind us of how much he loves us…times 10 or more! So great is the Father’s love for us!

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