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Scattered Update

February 24, 2013

How to sum up this past week?  Dark and hot.  Dark because we’ve had less power than ever before and hot, because, it’s hot.  This is the hottest time of year and for this month they call it a mini dry season.  So it’s hot and ridiculously humid, but no cooling rain in the afternoons makes for an outdoor sauna feeling.  It’s been quite miserable, actually.  Yesterday our missionary friend across the street believe we broke a record: the weather station recorded 101F.  I forgot to ask what the humidity was, but I’m sure it was high.  Oh, and our power was out from 6am until sometime around midnight.

And at 1am Levi threw up and he and I were up most of the night while he was sick.  Since this is our first sickness since moving to Congo, we’re counting our blessings.  Actually, for Levi, this is the first time he’s lost sleep due to illness, or thrown up more than a couple of times in his entire 3.5 years of life!  Again, yay for those little blessings!  (Meanwhile, just as Levi was feeling well enough to return to bed just before 5am, Matthew came out and informed me that he had just woken up to a cockroach crawling across his hand.  Oh goodness!)

So, today was a down day for our tired family and now it is raining and we have power…oh how strange things are in the Congo!

Do you realize we have just over four weeks until we leave?  It’s very difficult to imagine leaving, and being gone for so long.  Of course, there are plenty of things to look forward to…right now, I’m pondering the joy of grocery shopping in English!

And these thoughts, of returning to the states, of “getting on a big plane and going to Grandpa’s house,” as Levi says, brings me right around to coming back to DR Congo.  And how we shall get here.  And how the Lord will provide [more] people to partner with us in order to come.  Please continue to pray for us as we spend our spring and summer meeting these partners, and visiting with current ones.  Please even pray about your part in this ministry.  YOU can be part of it and each little bit counts.  $10, $20, $50, $100 a month – we know the Lord has plans for us and for the people he’s chosen to be part of it all!  Thanks for your consideration!

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  1. Tally in Congo permalink
    February 24, 2013 0829

    I appreciate being able to read up on your lives there. I’m not excited to return to such heat, humidity without power, but we’ve done it for 15 years, so I guess we’ll survive. We’re getting a little excited about returning home. I guess we’ll have to wait awhile before we ever get to meet in person.

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