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Our First Visitor!

January 27, 2013

On Saturday, we will be welcoming a visitor!  Yes!  Someone we know, are not related to, who is a “regular” person, who is coming to visit us and Congo just for fun and adventure!  We are so excited.  Well, I (Lisa) am probably more excited than Matthew because it is a girlfriend of mine, and she’s not bringing her manly half.  (And shout-out special thanks to Sean for letting his wife go and taking on full time care of the boys for two weeks!)

Sean & Sara, with us, at the 2006 clinic Christmas party

Sean & Sara, with us, at the 2006 clinic Christmas party

Sara and I met in Fairbanks, Alaska when I got a job in the clinic laboratory where she had been working for a few years.  She and her husband had lived in Fairbanks for a while and were looking to leave, but she was stuck without someone to take over her job…enter: me.  I didn’t mean to take over her job, I merely meant to a be a regular lab technician, testing blood, urine, and all the other specimens we love.  But, Sara and I hit it off immediately and she sneakily began training her replacement.  After two fantastic years of working together, her husband got a promotion and they left Alaska for his new job in Boise.  We kept in touch sporadically over the next two years, but when we went to interview with MAF for becoming missionaries we realized their house was only a short drive from MAF HQ.  We stayed in their house and have seen them on and off on each stop in Idaho since.  It should be noted that there was a third member of our little lab posse, but she is busy and won’t be able to join us in Africa…we’ll miss you, Tessa.

Tessa, Sara and I by our prize-winning Christmas door in front of the lab, 2007

Tessa, Sara and I by our prize-winning Christmas door in front of the lab, 2007

So, in November 2012, we began joking about her coming to visit, but it is REAL and I am excited to share this adventure with a friend.  I won’t divulge all that we have planned yet, but I’ll keep you all posted and she is keeping her own blog so you can read all about Congo from a new perspective.

And, let me tell you, if she can make the trip, then some of you should begin making your plans to come visit us when we return in 2014!

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  1. January 27, 2013 0829

    I’m so excited that Sara’s coming! They will need to come visit us in Nampa and show us the pictures! I hope she takes lots!!! What a wonderful blessing – all those medical supplies. Amazing . . .

  2. January 27, 2013 0829

    This must be very exciting for you. I remember your parents coming to visit us in Germany when they were working in Yemen. When you get that far from home, it is so nice to have people you know from home come visit. Enjoy their stay. Maybe Matthew can avoid getting himself bloody for their visit. J/K.

  3. January 28, 2013 0829

    Thanks, Red! We really had a great time visiting you in Germany! It was exciting for us to see family so far from home, and you were a great tour guide!

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