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A Challenge, Dear Blog Readers

January 25, 2013

We are constantly blown away by all of our blog stalkers out there.  YOU.  WordPress provides a lot of statistics for us to gaze upon, but sometimes it doesn’t feel like it matches how many of you slide into a conversation, “oh, yeah, I read your blog.”  Oh really?  Do you?  Oh dear.  My writing is not as good as I’d like, despite some amazing teachers in my past (whom read this blog, poor teachers).

Anyway, if you read this blog with any regularity, I am so excited.  It means our experience is being shared and that people are thinking of us, hopefully praying for us and loving us in ways we cannot otherwise experience.  And thank you for that!  Comments are nice, but sometimes just being read and casually mentioning it later, means a lot.

But now we have a new challenge.  According to WordPress, if each of you who reads this blog at least twice per month, and isn’t already partnering with us financially, committed to supporting our ministry at just $20 per month, we would be FULLY supported and we could return to Africa as soon as training and language school are finished.

Let me emphasize that we are very much looking forward to seeing many of you in person and traveling around the United States, spreading the word about Congo, the people, and the need to share the gospel – and the need of people to send us to help with that endeavor – but if you, our blog readers, could be the biggest part of those supporters, it would be the most awesome support network we can imagine!  First-hand support from you, and first-hand feedback from us – what could be a better partnership?

We know that many of you read because you are already supporting us, and that is fantastic.  To the rest of you, I challenge you to look at your resources, at what you see in our previous posts about our work here, and pray for your calling to be part of our ministry in Africa.

Missionary work is not people who go, it is a TEAM of people who support a tiny percentage of people who go.  And YOU are reading this blog and I can only presume it is because you CARE about what we are doing here.  Now is your chance to really be a PART of it.  It matters.  You matter.  We CANNOT return to Congo until we are fully funded.  We want to return as soon as possible – help us accomplish this goal, and know that each time you read this blog, you are reading not just stories of people who went, but reading your own account of helping people in the Congo and doing God’s work here.

So, today marks exactly two months until we leave Congo – and until our 75by3.25 campaign is over.  Can you be a part of this ministry with us?

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  1. Aliya permalink
    January 25, 2013 0829

    Is there any way that MAF can support a semi-live (updated daily or whatever) update about your level of support or the amount left to go to your goal? It would be fun to watch and might encourage giving. But I understand that, depending on their software and manpower it might not be possible. I OFTEN think of you over there and wish I could support financially. You are a blessing to me. 🙂

    • January 25, 2013 0829

      Yes – we fully intend to create a graphic representing our support level…just haven’t gotten to it quite yet. I think we get giving information anywhere from a few days (when it’s given online) to a few weeks (mailed in) after the fact. So, we’ll try to be as up-to-datea as possible. Thanks for the input, though, and I agree you are right – it is encouraging for EVERYONE to see how we’re coming along financially!

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