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Christmas Festivities in New Places

December 13, 2012

Ever walk into a really nice home and think “what would it be like to live here?”  Last month for one of our usual Tuesday Bible study we got together with another Bible study group (they used to be one group, but split when there were so many people coming) at a gorgeous house here in Kinshasa, lived in by a diplomatic couple.  The visit to this house was especially exciting because (1) we’ve heard wonderful things about this house its residents and (2) we get to HOUSE SIT!  Ya’ll, it’s like a vacation home.  The power doesn’t go out (there is a community generator).  The rooms are all air conditioned.  (Our one working air conditioner died a couple of weeks ago…it’s hot in Africa).  The house is spacious and FANTASTICALLY decorated, in true Southern fashion, for Christmas.  Oh, and the pool.  The pool is super nice.  And, it’s completely fenced, so three- and one-year-old friendly!

The house-sitted are a dog named Shugar, but said like “shu-gah,” because she’s Southern, ya’ll.  And Lillee the cat.  Shugar is a white, miniature bulldog.  I am NOT a dog person, but I already love this dog – she cracks me up.  And she loves kids and spent her first year of life around a three- and one-year-old.  Perfect, yes?

So, we are excited to get a sort of Christmas vacation in a home-away-from-home staying in luxury.

Meanwhile, our good friends Nick and Jocelyn get to move as well…all the way across the street.  This move is so exciting to us because instead of an adorable, but too-tight-for-soon-mobile-baby apartment, they will have a yard, and a living room, and trees.  And a resident chicken!  We are SO excited for them.  Well, maybe us girls are slightly more excited at picking out paint colors…but the guys are excited, too.

But, this Christmas will be an exciting one so far for all of us.  Levi is already to go to the “Christmas House,” as he calls it, though he hasn’t seen it yet.  And the grandparents of our sweet children scored a good deal and got to send some gifts thanks to some generous adopting families who have come.

It will be a busy time of parties, both attended and thrown, and bonne annee, which is the New Year and a far bigger deal here to the Congolese than Christmas, which is seen primarily as a religious holiday.  Our first Christmas in a foreign country…should be yet another adventure!

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  1. Judy Pankow permalink
    December 17, 2012 0829

    How exciting Matthew and Lisa to be able to housesit for this couple. What a blessing from the Lord! He gives and gives and gives. All we need to do is trust and be obedient to his calling.

    Love, Aunt Judy


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