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Violence in East DRC

November 22, 2012

If you’re a news-o-phile, you’ve probably read about the violence in East DRC, specifically in a city called Goma.  A rebel group, called M23, has come into the city with intentions to maintain control.  News reports vary to all sorts of degrees and it is hard to know how it is truly going over there.  Regardless, the region could use prayer.  As you go about your Thanksgiving festivities, please keep those in the path of violence in your prayers, as well as all of Congo.

Kinshasa, where we are, is stable and safe at this point and time and we don’t feel a sense of urgency.  Our MAF program in Bunia, a bit north of Goma, in the East, has evacuated the families across the border to Uganda.  A few of the pilots have stayed behind with the airplanes to assist in other relief and mission agency evacuations.  They, too, could use your prayers!  For details, please visit MAF’s news page.

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