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Election Day!

November 6, 2012

Today is election day in the United States.

In other news, it is about that time for us to feel the highest level of longing for “home,” based on what we learned in our training.  Of course, it would coincide with the feeling of “ugh-people-complain-so-much-about-their-first-world-problems-when-there-are-literally-people-starving-here.”  I think the two feelings are connected.  Thankfully, for the two of us, we were well prepared and have really transitioned well.  We both miss certain foods and conveniences, but are not completely longing for the states.  And we are certainly not missing the election season.  (The two weeks before the last election we were somewhere on a cruise ship in the Caribbean…not exactly the same conditions as now, but feeling as far from those obnoxious commercials as before.)  We also do not have the apathy for people complaining about their seemingly insignificant problems in the Western world as we look out and see a hopeless horizon…hopeless without major reform and the love of Christ penetrating the hearts of the Congolese people.  First world people have first world problems, the third world has different problems.  Also, the two can cross.  Alex is without a phone right now and is experiencing a pretty severe hardship because of it.  Meanwhile, people affected by Sandy are suffering in ways that many Americans think we never would.

So, what are we feeling?  Well, personally, I’m trying to get into the spirit of the election.  We voted, about six weeks ago, and have no idea if our votes will be counted or not.  It’s terribly confusing to vote from overseas, especially non-military or diplomat.

Today, in my mental state of preparing for our presidential election, I looked out the window to see that a homeless, orphan boy from the center that we are helping with was in our driveway, in tears, talking to Matthew and Alex.  They are still sorting things out now, but my poor brain was trying to find a balance.  Our country’s presidential election is a really big deal.  But, to this boy, who has no hope and no one to support him, it is literally a world away.  What is more important?  How does God view these things?  It is certainly something to ponder, and I think we could all answer these questions, but it is what is on my mind today.

Vote, if you are eligible.  Pray, regardless.  And remember, that no matter what happens, in whatever world you’re living in, God is bigger than anything we think might challenge Him.

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  1. Judy Pankow permalink
    November 7, 2012 0829

    You are so right Lisa! God is still in control and always will be. We need to pray for our country more than ever before. As O’Reilly put it on Fox news last night, it’s all about what you can do for me, not what I can do for my country mentality. It sure isn’t what this great land of ours was founded on. To God be the Glory!

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