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Prayer Requests While We Wait

July 29, 2012

Sorry about the absence.  It’s not on purpose.  We have spent the last week power sharing.  We only have power half the day.  The battery bank connected to our solar panel is having issues, so our router is plugged into the wall.  So, to have internet we must first have power.  But, we are also having satellite issues, so even when we do have internet, it has been extremely slow and wordpress doesn’t always load.

All that to say, blogging hasn’t really an option.  Last week’s highlights were: Matthew had his first overnight trip out to the village of Semendua, and Amelia took her first step.

So, while blogging will be rare until all of the above gets better, here is a laundry list of prayer items for you to keep us on your minds and hearts:

  • Matthew’s health: he may have caught a bug while in Semendua and it’s not debilitating, just rather unpleasant.
  • My health: my chikungunya is still clinging on for dear life, some days are ok, some are awful.
  • Our power situation: that it improves soon!
  • For our loss: one of Matthew’s dearest friends has passed away this week – he was the best man in our wedding and someone who had a great heart for Africa long before we knew we’d be here.  We already miss him and grieve with those who stay behind.
  • The other MAF families: one is looking for a new house, one is coming back to Kin with a new baby soon, and many are looking to start their teens’ last school year next week.
  • Our sentinels: they are both going through rough times at home.
  • My washing machine: Matthew found a working motor and maybe, perhaps, I’ll be able to do laundry again?
  • For our efficacy: not ours, specifically, but all Christian missionaries here.  We know that Christ is effective enough, let us not be in the in way of His glory.
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  1. Judy Pankow permalink
    August 1, 2012 0829

    Hi Kids, I’m so sorry to hear about your friend. I just printed your prayer request so know I will be praying for you. Amelia is on her way now! Hope you’re both feeling better. Give the kids a kiss and hug for me. Love you – Aunt Judy

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