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Photos and Facebook Updates

May 30, 2012

I know we have quite a few family members and close friends who are not on facebook.  I appreciate their bravery at standing up to Mark Zuckerberg and his machine this way, but I want them to feel included.  So, this photo post will be interspersed with facebook posts from the previous weeks that I felt might be enjoyed by those not otherwise privy to them.  (I realize this is almost entirely pictures of Levi and Amelia, but you have to know that if you were their grandparents, you’d be okay with this.  Also, they’re freakin’ adorable and should be viewed as often as possible!)

I love the palm tree reflected in the windshield

May 7: Last night, on his way to bed, Levi asks: “Mommy, can I take my cell phone to bed so I can text Amelia and Daddy and check my email? Please?”

There is a lot of subtle personality here


May 16: Levi was prattling on and must’ve figured I’d tuned him out when he paused and I said “Right…” 

He responded: “Left.”

Trying to take a picture of Sunshine all snuggled up against Matthew…

A token photo of me…it’s a rare thing

May 18: yesterday she started pulling herself up. today she is cruising. awesome.

I think this is generator soot

“Why, yes, I did get into your flour bucket, Mommy!”

May 25: Amelia, I love that you already love shoes. But, please, stopping chewing on them. Thanks.

See the muddy river in our front yard? That’s a lot of rain.

Most of our walks end in a nap for Amelia

May 25: levi says “i like amelia. let’s get more amelias, ok?” “no, buddy, we’re not quite ready for more amelias yet,” i replied. levi: “we’ll get more amelias later, ok? like after my nap!”

“Watch this, Mommy, okay?”

One of the best pictures of Levi yet

May 25: Mosengo just informed me that “cat” in Lingala is neow.

Say it! “Neow!” 

Lingala is awesome.

Father/daughter duo

May 29: I just told Levi he needed a diaper change. He didn’t like that idea too much and I protested “But, you stink!” His response: “Don’t smell it!”

She got a mosquito bite and somehow scratched it right off her nose yesterday and this morning she fell off of our bed and landed on her head…and then…

…there are those mango fly babies. These are two additional ones I found after writing the blog post: one is taken care of, the other is, so far, too small.

May 30: I just asked Levi if he would like a bite of the pi-pi (French for papaya, though I’m sure I’m spelling it wrong) and he politely said “No, thank you.” But a few thoughtful seconds later he added, “…but thank you for offering!”

Kitchen buddies!

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  1. May 30, 2012 0829

    so precious ❤

  2. Bill Pankow permalink
    May 30, 2012 0829

    Love the pictures of you all. Keep them coming, and yes, I’m one of those not on Facebook.

  3. Gayle Terry permalink
    June 2, 2012 0829

    So enjoyed reading your newsletter. I will also keep up with your blog now that I have bookmarked it. I attend Riverview Community Church and work a lot with Sue and Jeff so they keep me up on what is going on too. Photos of your kids are awesome.

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